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Where are you outside Tumblr?


Oh man, with the news that Yahoo has devalued Tumblr, then why don’t we do one of these.

Tag this post with where you’d like to be found outside Tumblr. Just in case.

ex: #ao3: myusernamehere, #twitter: myusernamehere, #dreamwidth: myusername here



The maleo is a megapode, which is a large, chicken-like bird known for using alternative means to incubate its eggs rather than body heat.  Most megapodes construct massive mounds of rotting vegetation with the eggs buried within, warmed by the heat given off by decay.  Maleos are endemic to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, and are found nowhere else in the world.

“why raise my babies when garbage can do it for me”

Oops, found Rey’s daemon.